A big moment!

Well, it may not sound like a huge deal. But below is the first commercial airing that I have been a part of making. Well, the backstory is that I am doing my internship at this awesome place in Stockholm, Fido Film (www.fido.se), and I got the honour to texture and shade the bottle (though…

Shortfilm – Willes Julsaga

This is a shortfilm made together with my mother and our dog, Wille. It was all made in 15 days (everything was filmed on 8th December, and nothing was done before that), just in time for Christmas eve. I have made all the CGI for this film. Modelling, rendering, simulations, animation, matte, compositing etc. This…

Script – Controlling a camera in maya with a smartphone

This is a fun little project I have, I am putting together an easy way to control a camera inside Maya with a smartphone via Wifi. Its working very well, appart from the “lagging” of the camera. This is due to the command that check for the angle of the smartphone, it does only return…

Porridge – nParticle test

This was a test to see if I could get something that looked like porridge only by using nParticles, and for a short test I believe it was successful. Its a combination of transforming the particles into a polygon geo and using the particle instancer for the rice grains. Rendered with V-ray.

Road script – procedural cars

This is a script I made for a course in school. It creates 3 diffrent types of cars procedurally along a curve, then they are connected to an expression allowing them to move along the curve. Quick rendertest (early version of the script): The script in action:

Audiowave test

This is a project I begun a few months ago, but I didn’t had to finish it. Though I’ll throw it up here for you all to watch

Updated rainmaterial

This is the same material seen in a previous post/video. Though I have made som additions to it. Do you notice any differences? It now features realtime reflections! As well as lightstreaks. It made a huge difference on the look.

Something to chew with

Something to chew with

Some low poly teeth for the characters. Nothing fancy really, just some teeth

A common worker

A common worker

This is the first peak on one of all the civillians planned to populate Frans’s town. He have some variatons to hair and facial hair, as well as some different textures for clothes etc. If I use every variation I will have 288 different characters. Though that is too much Anyhow, the clothes where made…